Alex O'Reilly

Supporting Character - Unposted Crew - Helm 17


Played by:

Jeremiah – 4


Attended high-level meeting on Cyteen, where he distinguished himself by asking impertinent questions of the captain afterwards.

Later, on Cyteen Station, he rescued his XO from an embarassing situation at a fancy restaurant where Captain Patrick was trying to improve Dublin Again’s reputation.

At the next station – Pell, also known as Downbelow Station – it was Kieran – the aforementioned XO – who rescued Alex by throwing an impromptu press conference when Alex’s girlfriend created a mob scene on the docks.

Giving this young marginer – whose name was Captain Allison Stevens – the third degree, the soft-hearted Alex got more than he bargained for : a full confession. Deciding the best way to preserve Dublin’s good name – and his own standing with the captain – was to clear the name of this ship which ran on the margins.

The ship was currently operating under the name of Lucy although Alex had doubts that was its real name.

Alex O'Reilly

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