Dandin O'Reilly

Dublin Again, Chief Communications Officer



Dandin is the shortest member of the crew at 4’ 8" tall. This is generally considered to be a quirk of his unusual genetic heritage, and a common joke is that his mother had needed to sit on the floor to kiss his father. Of course Dandin’s only response to such commentary is to say that if he ever meets his dad he’ll be happy to pick him up and give him a hug. Aside from that, the only other striking feature he sports is a tendency to smile even when the situation is dire. Well, that and his tendency to excuse himself from a bar mere moments before a bar fight breaks out. Managing, ‘by pure chance’, to avoid the very Dublin Again tradition nearly every time.


Rumored to be of Silverbell parentage because of his preternatural empathy, Dandin grew up on the lower decks where he was given Fleet Operations tape training. Then he completed his education at Dublin Again’s Command Academy, majoring in Command.

He is easygoing and often promises to help Maeve with cargo negotiations. Known for shirking these duties and sticking his nose into the captain’s business instead, he has become the captain’s right-hand man and shares the old man’s penchant for trying to suss out their opponents rather than pushing for Dublin’s interests.

This has led – with this captain and Patrick’s predecessor – to situations where he was forced to take command. Dandin prefers not to do this, but is willing to do so when the old man forgets his own no-dilly-dallying maxim.

The death of a friend led him to spend a lot of time in hospital setting where he picked up some of his extensive medical knowledge.

In his early years – before Union opened up Dublin Again’s current routes – he picked up some of the Hisa’s language on Pell Station. Later on, he and Maer Lyn got into a scrap with some refugees on Pan-Paris.

Dandin O'Reilly

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