Hamish O'Reilly

Engineer known for his early work on Hypervane design


Famous for his extreme mental discipline, Hamish knows a bit of Xenoanthropology as well as jury-rigging. He never backs down from a bar fight and is personally responsible for a good deal of Dublin’s reputation in that regard.


His mother borrowed tapes from Finity’s End because she could not provide the kind of discipline he seemed to need. As a result of this tape training, Hamish has the eidetic memory of a Neihart.

The O’Reilly’s original merchant vessel was named Dublin. Working with Maer Lyn on the the spaceframe that eventually became one of the first FTL ships – the Dublin Again – he had an idea: If the Hypervanes could be used to drive the vessel faster than the speed of light, pulsing the power to the vanes for brief times could speed it up – and slow it down – for in-system maneuvering.

This became known as the Pulse Drive. And Hamish is generally credited with its invention. He got a belated commendation for this achievement (although many suspected this was awarded in part because many on the crew felt he got insufficient recognition for his bravery during a refugee crisis at Pan-Paris).

Even before that, he learned the Hisa language on Pell Station.

Then there was the time he and Jaeger claim their shuttle was kidnapped by aliens.

Hamish O'Reilly

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