Jaeger O'Reilly

Helmsman with a hankerin' for combat


Growing up as a troublemaker proved to be an excellent way for Jaeger to develop the hand-eye skills for his career at the Helm of one of the biggest Merchant Freighters in existence.

One of the first to achieve FTL, as well.

Sitting out the war between the Earth Fleet – ostensibly guarding Pell – and the Union Fleet, Jaeger studied their tactics without getting to use them himself. The captains of the Dublin Again generally preferred to order him to run when they saw pirates.


A long time ago he was praised by the leaders of the only sapient race humanity has yet discovered, the gentle Hisa.

“Haven’t seen them in almost a century, though,” he lamented recently. “Maybe if we cross the Line, I can’t see how they’re doing. The ones I knew, of course, will be long dead.”

The other aliens, however, discovered a shuttle full of O’Reillys. Jaeger would not say he met them. They kidnapped the shuttle, and – just as they were on the verge of communicating with them – they were returned to the exact spot they were abducted from.

Only Jaeger knows they were on the exact same heading and speed.

None of his captains are complaining about how much time he’s spent practicing his evasive actions since.

Jaeger O'Reilly

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