Maer Lynn O'Reilly

Science Officer hermaphrodite (them, their)


Known for always having their head in the clouds, Maer Lynn has semi-embraced their mother’s vision: To develop science so advanced that it is indistinguishable from magic. (Their name is her mother’s corruption of the ancient Merlin, seen by their mother as the greatest Hermetic Scientist of all time.)

Still, Maer Lynn sees themself as a scientist first and is willing to follow the Scientific Method wherever it leads.

“Even if it leads somewhere other than mom’s strange visions.”

Their work with computers always threatens to wrench their ambitions toward more pragmatic applications of science than that of their mother’s and their grandmother’s. For instance, the AI in Maeve’s trading computers is primarily their design.


Having once witnessed an alien abduction, they are surprised Jaeger and the others survived their encounter. Maer Lynn has a mind for design and often works with Hamish when he tinkers with the Jump vanes.

In fact, the two of them installed one of the first commercial FTL drives – “the one on Dublin Again, of course” – and they helped Hamish develop the in-system propulsion system known as the Pulse Drive. They believe they deserve part of the credit, even though Hamish is famous his design.

“T’was mainly an Engineering project, fer gob’s sake.”

The riots on Pan-Paris probably affected them more than anyone else on the Dublin, even Hamish who received a commendation.

Maer Lynn O'Reilly

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