Maeve O'Reilly

Chief Cargo Office on Dublin Again, when she's not playing at her hobby, commercial espionage


Known as a dockside lawyer for over a century, Maeve earned a reputation as the kind of negotiator one would expect from a much smaller ship.

Her slick bargaining got her the top spot in the Cargo crew, even though she avoid the actual work of handling the barrels and containers herself.


Her ability to infiltrate the security on Union stations occasionally gets her into trouble. She learned those skills on the other side of the line. “Before the war,” as she like to reminisce. She is hoping the end of the war will open up more fertile ground for that kind of activity. (Although the rest of the crew is probably not aware of the extent of her success Unionside. While the Soldiers and Worker clones are programmed to be loyal, the “born-humans” of the Union side are prone to decadence. To Maeve, that means they are prone to corruption.)

She negotiated the original agreement between Union and Dublin Again, which is how she earned her position.

She was on the same shuttle as Jaeger and Hamish, when it was “kidnapped” by aliens.

Maeve O'Reilly

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