Character Creation for Dublin Again and Le Cygne

This will be an introduction to the creation of the two kinds of Player Characters in ST:A:

  1. Main Characters – the primary focus of control-room drama based science fiction.
  2. Supporting Characters – “red shirts” who will often make up the away teams.

We will start with the top officers in each department of the giant Merchanter vessel known as the Dublin Again.

Then we will play a brief adventure on Cyteen. Which will introduce a small group of supporting characters. Assuming everybody doesn’t offend the space Nazis and get killed, we will then play as those supporting characters to see if they can become their own Main Characters in their own drama.


Every timeline will have seven steps in the Lifepath process to create characters for that timeline. Those steps will differ between timelines.

Before you start to create your Main Character for the Dublin timeline, you may want to think about the role you want your character to fill.

Main Characters may fill any of the following senior officer roles aboard the ship. Not every ship will have every role, and not every role must be filled by a Main Character: Commanding Officer,1 Executive Officer,2 Ops Manager, Chief Engineer,2 Chief of Security,1 Chief Cargo Officer,1 Chief Legal Officer,1 Chief Medical Officer, Science Officer, Chief Helmsman,1 Ship’s Counselor,2 Communications Officer.1

1 bridge crew

2 Alterday crew

Executive Officer, Chief Engineer, Chief of Security, Chief Legal Officer, Chief Medical Officer, Science Officer, and Ship’s Counselor are all optional roles in Dave’s campaign.

The seven steps for character creation in the Dublin Again timeline are:

Step 1 Choose a Patrimony. The culture of Dublin Again, like most merchant vessels, is matrilineal. All of the crew members (with very rare exceptions) have the same last name. In the case of Dublin, it is O’Reilly. Because they were all born of an O’Reilly mother from the ship. Most do not know their father. Sometimes their mother knows who the father is. Sometimes this is just a guess. Sometimes it is just a rumor some other crewman starts because of scuttlebutt or appearance. Or behavior. Some ships are known as places where a particular personality trait dominates. If a child exhibits this trait or behavior, shipmates (especially other children) may say that “her father must be from _Finity’s End”_ or some other ship. This is their patrimony. Usually the name of another ship or station. Sometimes it is simply “pirate.” Which may be a euphemism for rapist. Each Patrimony grants:

  • A Patrimony Trait
  • +1 to each of three Attributes
  • Access to Talents unique to the Patrimony
  • One Talent

Step 2 – Learn about the Environment where the character grew up. Upper decks, lower decks, stranded – where the character grew up. Did your character accept this environment? Or rebel? Each Environment grants:

  • A Value
  • Three +1s to a variety of Attributes
  • +1 to one Discipline
  • One Focus
  • One Talent

Step 3 – Identify the Training Tapes which defined the character’s early Upbringing. From an early age, children on Merchanters are encouraged to choose a Track. They get the question early and often. What do you want to be? Their answer (and their aptitudes) determine which simulators they are taught on. And what training tapes they get. Each Upbringing Track grants:

  • +2 to one Attribute and +1 to a second Attribute
  • +1 to one Discipline
  • One Focus
  • One Talent

Step 4 – Choose a Merchant Academy and a Track at the Academy. Command Track, Operations Track, or Sciences Track. Each Academy Track grants:

  • One Value
  • Three +1s to spend on two or three Attributes
  • +2 to a single Discipline
  • +1 to two other Disciplines
  • Three Focuses
  • One Talent

Step 5 – Choose your character’s Length of Service. Young and inexperienced, seasoned veterans, or somewhere in between. Our first characters will all be seasoned vets. Because nobody else gets posted the the main crew on a ship with over 1,000 crew members. Our second characters will be Supporting Characters (because the GM wants them young and hungry). In other timelines we will pick our length of service. Length of Service grants:

  • One Value
  • One Talent

Step 6 – Determine two or more Career Events. Regardless of how many events are generated, they grant:

  • Two points in Attributes
  • Two points in Disciplines
  • Two Focuses

Step 7 – The Final Frontier, finishing touches that grant:

  • One Value
  • +1 to two Attributes
  • +1 to two Disciplines
  • Adjust Attributes and Disciplines which go above the maximum scores for each
  • Calculate and record derived scores – Stress and bonus damages. Also record – name, rank, role, department and starting equipment

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Character Creation for Dublin Again and Le Cygne

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