On each timeline, the character creation process will be different.

  • Asteroids A timeline for asteroid adventures predating the creation of Earth’s interstellar space fleet. Can hardbitten asteroid miners prevent the Earth Company from screwing the pooch before The Beyond comes calling?
  • Pirate Renegades A timeline allowing the creation of the Merchanter-Pell Alliance (assuming the players can pull it off). Downbelow Station needs the help of renegade space pirates.
  • Also known as Lucy A timeline for Dublin Again, merchanters from Union space (but not necessarily of Union). Just because you primarily trade with space Nazis doesn’t mean you are space Nazis. Can the unwanted “extra” children of a massive trading family provide a link to safer markets?
  • A Wide Variety of Cats A timeline from Compact Space (based on Hani first contact with humanity). How could such a fragile species survive in interstellar space? Maybe someone can even create a human?


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