Welcome to Deep Space One!

Or: StarFleet Gone Bad

Set before the time of Captain Kirk and Spock.


Dave is getting tired of waiting for someone else to run Star Trek Adventures. So he will attempt to run a campaign outside of the canonical Star Trek multiverse.

  • Before the Federation, StarFleet depended on the support of Earth’s government and its corporations for financial support in protecting extra-Solar colonies.
  • This was a mistake.
  • Once a planet with native life was discovered, the explorers of space – with the help of StarFleet (known at the time as “Earth Company”) – set up a space station orbiting around it. A space station which could supply vital food and vitamins needed by a spacefaring culture.
  • The governments of Earth called it Deep Space One. Because it was deep in space.
  • It didn’t seem very deep in space to the people who lived there. Space seemed very deep to them. And their station was barely penetrating the surface of that depth. So they called it Downbelow Station.
  • Because it circled a planet they called Downbelow. The primitive natives of that planet didn’t call it Downbelow. They called it Pell.
  • Which meant roughly “earth” in their language.


You may have guessed: This is all based on CJ Cherryh’s Merchanter-Alliance universe. Which features space combat Dave finds more believable than that found on Star Trek.


  1. I will run characters in multiple timelines.
  2. Those Timelines will include: A timeline for Asteroid adventures predating the creation of Earth’s interstellar space fleet; a timeline for the creation of the Merchanter-Pell Alliance; a timeline for Dublin Again, merchanters from Union space (but not necessarily of Union); a timeline from Compact Space (based on Hani first contact with humanity).
  3. I am not planning to run these in chronological order. But I will probably leave this up to the players.
  4. I am not planning on including time travel or any other method of communication between these timelines. Maybe some overlap.
  5. I will run every other week. At a time to be determined by the players who sign up.
  6. I will have regular hiatuses, which will coincide with when I am running Mutant Chronicles. (I am pretty certain I am not capable of running three campaigns simultaneously. Especially when one of them is weekly.)


Eventually, we will have to create characters.

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